There is a pureness in this bodywork that cuts through inhibitions in the gentlest way. Gerald describes his massage as a type of tango; similarly I describe it as a mutual exchange of loving energy. From the moment I am welcomed into the studio my shoulders drop at once. I am surrounded by evidence of Gerald’s impeccable attention to detail, from the warm table, perfect ambient temperature, soft towels and lighting, spotless bathroom, quality oils, and pleasant background music already encouraging a state of comfort and relaxation.
As Gerald’s hands move over and under my body, I am with him at every moment. With every ebb and flow of movement we give and receive joyfully, resulting in pure bliss that lasts for days.
If you are willing to surrender your tension, anxiety, and mental pollution, and be pampered in a way you’ve never been pampered before, dial Gerald’s number right now." , Elizabeth, Finance Manager

"1.2.3 RE-SET! That is the best way I can describe the Inner Balance massage experience. No matter how tight your muscles are, noisy your mind is or even simply how energetically 'out of balance' you feel... from the minute you are greeted by Gerald and walk into the comforting massage room, you start to relax. After every massage I walk out feeling like a new woman; clear, focussed, muscle tension gone and re-energised in the weeks following. Gerald is not only nurturing as a person but highly skilled in his craft. He is extremely intuitive in reading both your body and energy to provide you with the bespoke treatment for your ultimate benefit. I couldn't recommend this experience more highly!", Justine, Entrepreneur

"Hi Gerald, I felt fantastically peaceful after your massage - slept well and woke up feeling refreshed. :)
Thank you again. Will certainly refer and looking forward to next time.", Topaz, CEO

"Outstanding massage. Energising, relaxing, addictive. When you have experienced it once you want it again and again."Corinne, CEO

"I've had 4 sessions with Gerald so far and I have to say that he is an extremely talented, thoughtful and respectful masseuse. Gerald displays a deep passion for helping others relax, build confidence in themselves and feel better both physically and mentally. Gerald works intuitively to help clear energy blocks throughout the whole body and only uses top quality products and equipment. I found Gerald very easy to talk to which helped to make me feel comfortable, safe and relaxed throughout the whole experience. Inner Balance is a perfect escape and pampering session for women that lead busy or stressful lives. In saying this, I would recommend anyone to book in and experience the 2 hour Kahuna massage because its 2 hours of absolute bliss and relaxation.", Sascha, Social Entrepreneur

"I had my first massage with Gerald the other day and I am so glad I did! The best massage I have ever had, and I have had many! I had never had a kahuna massage before. Gerald worked through my whole body in a wonderful, caring & nurturing way. He has created a beautiful, safe space for clients to relax in & I definitely felt like I was in experienced, kind & professional hands. It is obvious that he is passionate about what he does & really cares about his clients' wellbeing. My body still feels refreshed, lighter and more energised and I feel calmer & lighter than I have for months. I am happy to have found a great massage therapist and I would highly recommend Gerald to anyone.", Elissa, Senior Lawyer

"I had my first massage with Gerald In October this year and I loved it! it was the most relaxing and luxurious massage I have ever had! Since then, I have seen Gerald another 4 times and I think I might honestly now be addicted to his touch! Each massage has been wonderful. Gerald's caring and professional touch helps me to relax, distress and unwind more than anything else I have ever experienced. I have found that regular massages with Gerald have been good for my mental and physical health. They give me more energy, make me feel lighter and happier and help me to cope with a stressful job and long work hours. I am so glad I have met Gerald. He is a talented and professional massage therapist, a warm and kind friend and a compassionate and thoughtful individual who clearly cares about his clients. If you need help to unwind, distress or relax, I would highly recommend that you book an appointment with him now!", Elissa, Senior Lawyer

"Thank you soooo very much!! Wow! Your sharing, healing, energy and intention were so beautiful, caring & pure. Last night, it was the first time in quite a while that I had multiple dreams. So gratefully received. This morning, upon waking, I felt my senses more heightened, my intuition more clear and my ability to interconnect my thoughts much more fluid and flowing. Your space of healing and transformation offered me a safe heaven to honour my truth and my worth. That is priceless and so very meaningful. Thank you again!", Kana Lea 

"Good morning Gerald! Thank you again. I relaxed all day after your massage. I slept well and am feeling fantastic today. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I should come and see you again before my next trip." Julie, Marketing Exec.

" Thank you for your massage Gerald. I felt good last night, had a quiet evening and a good rest. It was a really wonderful massage, and I will definitely recommend", Tracey, Marketing Exec.

"A most worthwhile indulgence in a beautiful session of "care full" nurturing - stroked with kindness and healing, strength and measured pressure. The aesthetic senses are kindled with fragrance - A delight to engage in on the healing journey!" Karine, Yoga Teacher

"The care, balance and deep respect of the body that Gerald brings into his massage sessions is realised not only when you’re on the table but for the days following! As a massage therapist myself, you can feel the intent of the therapist and Gerald is 100% with you and your welfare. Gerald’s intent is guided by Kahuna principals and the bodywork that results is a wonderful blend of styles without specific therapeutic intention which makes the experience not only very relaxing but he finds and applies the right pressure to areas that seem to need it. I personally feel a deep relaxation and ease combined with a sense of balance after a session with Gerald. If you’ve never experienced this type of bodywork I openly recommend the addition of the Inner Balance!" Shaan, Remedial Massage Therapist

"Never have I experienced a massage that felt invigorating and relaxing in equal measures afterwards. It's a unique blend of massage that flows with your body. I highly recommend you experiencing Inner Balance.", Kirsty, Advertising Exec.

"Magnifique! 2 hours of pure bliss. Warm room, warm table, warm hands (and forearms). Gerald was warm and welcoming. A beautiful massage, enhanced by all those tiny details that make it great: comfortable table, fluffy towels, fresh smell of rosemary, lemongrass and peppermint, music that moved me (not your usual zen-type, but a lot of French songs), massage oil that smelled of chocolate (even hours after), cream for the face that had a light honey perfume. It was indeed a 2 hour holiday, a trip for the senses, and it lingered for days. I need to book again...", Rebecca, Entrepreneur

"It is not a massage, it is an experience that makes you travel through all your senses. Gerald is thoughtful and passionate, but he forgets to tell you something: when you wake up the day after you are the most relaxed and peaceful you have never been, you feel calm but full of well focused energy. To try, and try again!", Melanie, Consultant

"I had an amazing massage from Gerald. He was very genuine and very professional. I felt totally relaxed and energised afterwards. I look forward to my next appointment.", Sue, Pilates Instructor

"Thank you for your massage. I slept very well and am feeling very energetic today. I am an absolute huge fan, and will definitely send friends to you. Thank you for such a wonderful massage.", Keryn

"My quest is over! I have found the massage therapist of my dreams. Gerald is a gentleman. He is strong and made me feel secure during our session (ask him about the princess move... ;) ). After 2 hours, and a head-to-toe massage, I came out floating on a little cloud of serenity. Days after I could still feel the energy.Those Kahuna moves are fantastic, and the Inner Balance brings the experience to another level. His cute French accent is not a bad thing either ;).", Sophie, Marketing Director, banking industry

"The two hours felt like 30 minutes in the best possible way. I left not wanting to leave! Gerald is extremely knowledgeable in his field and truly cared to give the customer the ultimate relaxation experience. A wonderful journey.", Teegan, Event Manager 

"Wow! What a journey! The mind-body connection never ceases to amaze me, but it's really wonderful to be in the hands of somebody who gets it so well...I felt very safe in Gerald's cocoon and appreciated his deep sense of presence and his ability to intuitively understand what is required moment by moment..His attention to detail is quite phenomenal too, from the music he selects to trigger particular emotions, to the soothing and relaxing aromas of lemongrass and rosemary he uses to create a soft and enveloping atmosphere in the room, all the way through the delicious honey scented cream he uses to massage the face at the end of the treatment. Pure bliss! If I could give more than 5 stars I would!", Lina, Social Entrepreneur

"Knowing nothing about Kahuna massage before, I really appreciated Gerald`s time to explain it all to me before the session, I was also very surprised how Gerald could read my body and energy in a second and provided me with the best massage I ever had in my life. 
After the massage, all my muscle tension were gone, I was feeling very relaxed and re-set. I also really appreciated the communication prior and follow up after the session. I am strongly recommending Gerald`s massage and will sure book another session soon." Delphine, Teacher

"Respect, non-judgement and empathy are the qualities that set Gerald apart in my view. His massaging skills are superior, and he has an uncanny ability to feel you through your skin. But, as a middle-aged woman with too little time for a strict sports regimen, what I treasured the most from my session with Gerald was that he made me feel a beautiful and desirable woman again. I came out of his comfortable massage room with a self-confidence that I had not felt for too long a time. Thank you Monsieur Gerald. I will see you soon.", Lisa, CFO

"I'll admit, I knew nothing about Kahuna massage before this instant, and that was truly my loss. The concept of a massage had always resonated to me as being soft and would put me to sleep. However this was not the case. Not only was Gerald very sensitive to each of my sore points, but he took the time to make a difference. His every move is catered to your body and muscles in order for the massage to actually make you feel better afterwards, not just in the moment. This is unlike any massage I have ever had and I will definitely be coming back.", Manon, Communication Manager

"Whoa... It has taken me some time to write this review, as I was not sure I wanted to share Gerald's touch with anyone else... A close friend referred me to Gerald. I did not know what to expect. I had heard of Kahuna, but had never experienced it before. It proved to have nothing in common with the Swedish or Thai massages I had previously. It was AMAZING. By far the best massage experience of my life. Whilst always making sure that I was appropriately draped, warm and comfortable, Gerald did not leave any parts of my body untouched. His hand massage, in particular, opened doors in my soul that I did not know existed. This service should come with an official warning: Highly addictive and there is no quit line...:)", Judith, Corporate

"Thank you so much Gerald. I had a great and deep sleep. The massage was amazing. I feel more connected to my body. I will definitely come again. Thank you.", Eve

"The massage was amazing. I had such a deep sleep that night. Hoping to have another massage soon.", Sophie

"The massage was so wonderful and nurturing. Thank you so much. I will be singing your  praise, you are a wonderful human being and it was a pleasure meeting you. I look forward to visiting again.", Christie

" Thanks again for the massage. I slept very well last night. Feeling very calm, peaceful and relaxed. I have started using the roller as you recommended, twice a day. Will definitely be back for another massage. Thanks.", Karli

"Felt relaxed and energised after your massage. Had tons of energy. Bless.", Prema

"I felt amazing after the massage. Very uplifted and relaxed. My shoulder has improved too. Will definitely pass your number onto some friends.", Sonika

"I have been sleeping really well since the massage/energy work. Thank you again for taking the time. I will book another treatment for next week. Warm Regards.", Lauren

"Thank you so much for your expert skills, time and generosity last night. I slept really well and feel energized and free of stiffness this morning. And my skin feels amazing! Thank you for your thoughtfulness.", Alice, Speech Therapist

"Thank you Gerald. I am feeling very much alive. Thank you for the wonderful massage.", Anabela

"Still feeling amazing after the massage, and will contact you next week to book the next one.", Mariana, Strata Management

"I feel really good today. It was a great massage. I find a lot of benefit from what you do... It is really good. I feel strong, relaxed and happy. Shoulders and neck especially relaxed. Thank you.", Cherie 

" Thank you Gerald. I feel amazing today, slept like a baby. The bliss of your massage is so worth it. Will definitely book again very soon.", Emma

"I had the good fortune of being massaged by Gerald as he was passing through LA during his world travels. His massage was both professional and relaxing, while bringing much needed relief to my neck & shoulders. Gerald has a very friendly personality. He felt like an old friend from the start and I now wish I lived a bit closer to Sydney so I could experience his Inner Balance touch again! Till next time.", Princess, Real Estate Exec. (USA)

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