Our Master Massage Therapist

Born in France, raised in the Pacific islands and France, Gerald has travelled the world over (many times...) and is now living in Australia.

A long time executive in the corporate sector, he progressively turned his long term interest in massage into a unique luxury boutique practice.

During his years of training in various massage styles, Swedish, Remedial, Shiatsu, Gerald came across the Hawaiian Kahuna bodywork. One massage was all it took for him to realise that this amazingly powerful bodywork was what he wanted to do, what he had been looking for as the base for his work. Since then, Gerald has undertaken many trainings with some of the top Kahuna experts in the world, including Ho‘okahi Tamara, from Hawaii, Abraham Kawaii's student, spouse and partner.

Gerald is passionate about his massage work and the impacts it has on his clients' lives. He voluntarily limits his sessions to 2 a day, 6 days a week. This ensures that he has maximum energy and focus to deliver the best outcome to you. He truly enjoys making a difference in his clients' well-being.

In his words, 

"I always had an interest in massage, for as long as I can remember. I was always very tactile and had highly sensitive fingertips. I am also very intuitive. I trained and got experience over many years, in various bodywork techniques, and got strong encouragements from teachers, family and friends to start a professional practice. Discovering that I had a healing touch and getting regular feedbacks from my clients about their renewed well-being has been an amazing and rewarding experience. It is magical to feel that you are making someone better in their body, their mind and their soul,and gratifying to watch them improve. I want to continue my massage activity in a way that allows me to spend the necessary time with a client. This means that I have to keep it at maximum 12 sessions of 2 hours per week, and allow plenty of time between sessions to reflect and recharge. My goal is for each one of my massage sessions to be the best I can make it and the most adapted to my client at that time. I am not after a commercial success. I want to massage regular clients who are serious about their well-being, and accompany them through their improved career and life."

Your Luxury Massage Experience

A client of Inner Balance Massage will experience:

First a “cocoon-like” environment that engages the senses: We pay great attention to the basics, creating a warm and safe bubble in which you can reset your body, mind and spirit. 

In a large and airy room, a wide and very comfortable table, with a soft "leather-like" cover, soft and supportive headrest. Fluffy towels clean and always nice-smelling. 

There, with dimmed lights, we can activate your senses through the use of essential oils scents, of rosemary, sage, peppermint, etc. 

Our musics are carefully selected to engage your mind and take you on an imaginary journey. On purpose, we choose tunes that may be familiar, but always slightly different and unique, and that might take you back in time or bring back memories.

In that bubble in time, Gerald will provide an unhurried and customised head-to-toe massage, using flowing movements, in the “over and under the body” Hawaiian Kahuna technique. He will use a mix of techniques such as reflexology, Swedish and remedial massage, shiatsu and pressure-points, as well as Reiki, to release physical tightness, knots, tired muscles and body imbalances. 

Full presence is a most important ingredient of any quality massage, which is why Gerald limits his sessions to 8 to 10 per week, ensuring that he has the focus, the energy and the enjoyment necessary to turn each session into the best one for you at that moment in time.

Our oils are blended on site, using the highest quality natural ingredients, to ensure that they enrich your skin and are wearable for hours afterwards without ever turning sour. It will leave your skin with a faint trace of chocolate scent.

Gerald will use pressure, long fluid movements, over and under the body, heat and friction to heal your physical, emotional and spiritual issues, rebalancing your energy flows, leaving you with a sensation of profound well-beingfocused inner-energy, “clean” inner-energy flows and full-relaxation, together with a renewed awareness of posture principles and boosted self-confidence.

No two sessions are the same. Gerald adapts to what his hands tell him about your physical condition and what his intuition tells him about your emotions and feelings. Every time you are different and so is he, hence the uniqueness of each experience.

This unique massage creates reactions sometimes days after the session, so we take the time to follow up and enquire about your experience, changes and feelings in the days that follow your appointment.

Typically, an Inner Balance massage will benefit you most if you are stressed, from work or from a busy life in general, if you have a general feeling of tiredness, exhaustion,(feeling “flat”), sleeping problems, if you have a lack of self-confidence, or a lack of direction/purpose, or if you feel some tightness and pains in your muscles and joints.

It has not only a great physical impact but also an emotional and spiritual outcome. Your benefits are physical, emotional and spiritual. You will have a profound feeling of well-being, you will feel emotionally calm and rested and, at the same time highly energized, motivated and ready to tackle your next challenge. You will feel your energy channels clean and clear. You will sleep better, your skin will be smoother, more supple, and it might improve your digestion.

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